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Old Town Centre

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Old Town Centre | ItinerArt - Conoscere San Cataldo

A tour among the alleys to discover the churches and the monuments of the town. 2,5 KM long, this tour takes about 2-3 hours by foot or by cycle.

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Chiesa di San Giuseppe

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Via Roma 176, San Cataldo
0.9 Km
da Chiesa di San Giuseppe
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Old Town Centre

A tour among the alleys to discover the churches and the monuments of the town. 2,5 KM long, this tour takes about 2-3 hours by foot or by cycle.

2,5 KM long, this fascinating tour takes about 2-3 hours by foot or by cycle. A tour among the alleys to discover the churches and the monuments of the town, most of them built during the 18th century. The first stage is the Clock Tower, situated on Tabor hill in a strategic position from where the quarters of San Cataldo can be seen, and going on to visit the churches of St. Lucy, Our Lady of the Rosary, Our Lady of the chain, St. Joseph and the Mother Church, but also Galletti Palace in main street. The Calvary can be reached by walk but it would be better to drive or use public transports. The Calvary structure is unique of its kind and thanks to its majesty is the perfect place for the performance about the “Deposition from the Cross” (Scinnenza in local dialect). The structure also houses the paper-mache simulacres depicting the stations of the Cross. The simulacres go in procession during Holy Week. Shops, bakeries and cofees along the way are perfect for a break. Visitors can taste and buy all sorts of sweet or salt typical delicacies.

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The Clock Tower

In 1780 the clock was installed but in 1959 the tower was demolished. The strategic location of the tower is perfect for the observer who wants to have an overview of the town.


Our Lady of the Chian's Church

The church was built in 1849. It was opened in 1868; its exterior style is simple, the facade was restored during 1950s.


The Calvary

The actual structure is unique of its kind, with a central body and two semicircular side wings. It has eighteen panels representing fourteen of the stations of Via Crucis and four of Via Lucis.


St. Joseph's Church

The facade was inspired by Renaissance canons. The cement statues of st. Joseph and Christ the King were placed in 1930. The interior of the church has a barrel vault decorated with stucco.


Furca Quarter

The boundary walls included the actual area of Regina Elena street, Bellomo street and Roma street. The artificial caves are proof of the existence of a necropolis.


Mother Church

The church was opened in 1620, wanted by baron Nicolò Galletti. The structure was built partly on calcareous rock and partly on the ground.


Our Lady of Mercy's Church

The construction of the church dates back to the 1600s. In 1968 the church was opened. In 2014 it was restored again.


Galletti's Palace

Galletti's Palace was built during the 19th century and it is situated in the old main street. It consisted of two bodies in different levels linked up by a ramp, but today only the upper body remains.


Soul's in Purgatory's Church

During the second half of 18th century the parish was managed by Our Lord of Misteries' confraternity until 1820, then the building went to ruin and twenty years later it was rebuilt


St. Lucy's Church

During the first half of the 19th century the church was completely in ruins so in 1860 it was rebuilt and dedicated to Our Lady of Providence.


Our Lady of the Rosary's Church

The church has a bell tower and a clock was installed in 1890. The church has the nave and a barrel vault decorated with stucco works by Calogero Seste.


Cannoli Square

Seventeenth-century fountain built by the Galletti family, in order to supply the area of the town with water.

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