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ItinerArt - Conoscere San Cataldo

The Project

Know the corners of the town of San Cataldo through the soul.

ItinerArt - Conoscere San Cataldo is a cultural project promoted by Volti di Sicilia together with the municipal administration of San Cataldo. It is a mix between art and computer science which aims to increase the value of the facets of the town by promoting tourist itineraries with an app that will be able to tell you about the surrounding art, thanks to the photo recognition. The start point of the itineraries is “the Antiquarium”, situated in the premises of the ex fish shop in Calirone Street. The app geolocalizes the visitor and guides it towards the waypoints of the chosen itinerary. The app offers a data sheet of the place to visit with information, photo galleries, videos and audio tracks for the blind. The art for telling old stories, the multimedial for telling about the sites to visit and their artistic value.

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Conoscere San Cataldo

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ItinerArt, Conoscere San Cataldo, is a project which aims to increase the value of the tourist itinerary in the town.The history of a city can be known through its monuments. The heritage that tells about its identity: monuments and works of art are traces left by men that were able to interpret their time and express it as symbols of solemn beauty. But are we always good at the interpretation of these symbols?

We have created an app that will help you in this task, simply by using a photo: its name is ItinerApp.

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Town of San Cataldo

Ambitious activities whose aim is the coordination of several trade categories. Finding of literature and photographs, useful for the project. Thanks to San Cataldo mayor Giampiero Modaffari and to the town councillor Angelo La Rosa for their advise and notions about the history and the traditions of San Cataldo.

Volti di Sicilia

Promoter of ItinerArt project in San Cataldo and other town in Sicily, thanks to the coordination by doc. Giovanni Di Lorenzo , director of th project and of the several work sections and for having provided excellent photographic material.

Fog Comunicazione

Concept, design, ui/ux design, development. Technical advise and development of web app, Computer Vision Saas Platform, artificial intelligence, photo reportage and search engine.


Project Supporters, Centre of tourist and cultural identity in San Cataldo, whose aim is the redevelopment of the ex fish shop premises that will be used as Antiquarium.


Banca di Credito Cooperativo “G. Toniolo” Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 171, 93017 San Cataldo,

Cammarata Filippo Presidente del Club Service Lions “Caltanissetta dei Castelli”, Hotel Sn Michele, 93100 Caltanissetta, Cell. 335 5736286,

D'Agliano Antonio Presidente dell’Associazione Culturale “Amici dell’Aquilone”, Viale della Rinascita, 93017 San Cataldo, Cell. 331 7214253,

Diliberto Vincenzo Amministratore Unico del Gruppo Diliberto Vincenzo S.r.l., Contrada Grotta d’Acqua, S.S. 640, CL-AG al Km.53, 93010 Serradifalco, Cell. 349 0505226,

Ferrara Alessandro Direttore Operativo della Molino Ferrara & C. S.a.s., Zona Industriale San Cataldo Scalo – 93100 Caltanissetta, Cell. 335 7438628,

Lombardo Gianfranco Imprenditore Agricolo e Co-titolare delle Tenute Lombardo, C.da Cusatino S.S .122 San Cataldo-Serradifalco al km 50,00, 93017 San Cataldo, Cell. 348 5851566,

Mancuso Enrica Letizia Amministratore Unico della Promimpresa, Via Trieste 84, 93017 San Cataldo, Cell. 338 3389930,

Mistretta Salvatore Amministratore Delegato della Silam Plast S.r.l., Zona Industriale San Cataldo Scalo, 93100 Caltanissetta, Cell. 331 6181071,

Orlando Lirio Amministratore Unico della Olpneus – Centro distribuzione pneumatici, Zona Industriale San Cataldo Scalo, 93100 Caltanissetta, Cell. 393 9381883,

Spinello Dario Amministratore Delegato della Spiver S.r.l., C.da Babbaurra S.S. 122, 93100 Caltanissetta, Cell. 388 8423523,

Prof. Luigi Bontà For the precious collaboration in providing the texts, information on the history and identity of San Cataldo

Claudio Lipari For the supply of photographs of the Holy Week

Valeria Gentile Translation and voice-off registration services

Anita Dionisi Voice-off recording

Aurealab Recording

To all who contribute to keep up to date and increase the photo gallery

ItinerArt - Conoscere San Cataldo
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