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Piazza Papa Giovanni XXIII, 2 93017 San Cataldo, Sicilia Italia
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Old Town Centre

A tour among the alleys to discover the churches and the monuments of the town. 2,5 KM long, this tour takes about 2-3 hours by foot or by cycle.

60 min
120 min
80 min
12 Waypoints


Ruins af walls, houses, roads tombs and sacred places are a precious witness and todat several objects are preserved in Sicily's most famous museums.

30 min
70 min
5 Waypoints


A huge area divided in 3 levels. The huts, the old houses, the mill and the trough make the tour a perfect depiction of an old village lifestyle.

60 min
120 min
4 Waypoints

Holy Week

The rites of Holy Week begin on Palm Sunday. Actors and simulacres evoke Jesus arrival in Jerusalem. The rites end on Easter Sunday.

150 min
3 Waypoints
ItinerArt - Conoscere San Cataldo
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